Laconic means to the point.

Laconic Ltd. is a single-person AI advisory and consultancy company founded by Oguzhan Gencoglu in 2022. It is located in Helsinki, Finland and operates globally. Our clients vary from early stage start-ups to large corporations.


Hi! I am Oguzhan (Ouz) Gencoglu, a Machine Learning and Decision Science expert. I consider myself cheerful, factual, and curious.

I take a holistic view to Machine Learning:

Science & Tech

  • Deep tech expertise | 10+ years in Machine Learning & AI
  • Profound understanding of scalable AI development and productionizing | delivered 60+ AI solutions ranging from Computer Vision to Natural Language Processing in various industries
  • Several peer-reviewed scientific publications on machine learning
My Scientific Profile
450+ citations | Machine Learning - Deep Learning - Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence

Business & Strategy

  • Previously co-founded Top Data Science in 2016 - an AI consultancy from Finland. Grew the business and the team as Head of AI, steered the company strategy as a board member which resulted in an acquisition by Morpho Inc. from Japan (listed in Tokyo stock exchange) partially in 2018 and fully in 2021
  • Recently co-founded a Generative AI company, Root Signals AI (stealth mode)
  • Serving as an external advisor or board member in different companies
My Business Profile
AI Expert - Tech | Strategy | Leadership

Leadership, Mentoring & Community


  • I advise OECD on AI policymaking
Oguzhan Gencoglu


My articles aim to serve as live documents that are updated whenever necessary rather then static runestones. I try to keep my articles to-the-point by spending significant time to make them shorter. Quality is prioritized over quantity. As I am willing to update my analyses or views when presented with new data, I would appreciate corrections, suggestions, or general comments.

Each article has a topical tag (e.g. Machine Learning). External links, tooltips (hover mouse or click) and citations [1, 2] follow these formats.

Upcoming Talks

Large Scale Evaluation of Large Language Models | 25.01.2024, Thu

Measuring and evaluating capabilities, limitations, and risks of LLMs with massive GPU-based supercomputers provided by LUMI - the fastest supercomputer in Europe

  • Time: 10:10 Helsinki local time
  • Location: Life Science Center, Keilaranta 14, Espoo, Finland
  • Event Link

Multimodal Deep Learning | 13.02.2024, Tue

Delving into the mechanisms behind AI models that can understand text, image, and sound, simultaneously. Part of Epicenter AI Surge Series.

  • Time: 16:30-18:30
  • Location: Epicenter Helsinki